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What Should Be On Your Event Planning Checklist?

Event Planners are a bit like jugglers—they have to stay on top of multiple tasks without dropping the ball! And of course, Event Planners (like jugglers) have to do this with a smile on their face which would be hard to maintain if they were frantically racing around trying to get everything done at the last minute.

Checklists are one of the simplest (and best!) tools for helping a busy Event Planner stay on track. For each event there will have dozens (maybe even hundreds) of tasks that need to be accomplished. To ensure nothing is overlooked, each task will need to be listed no matter how insignificant it seems.

The most useful checklists will be detailed and attach execution times to each task. For example, instead of simply listing “pick up the cake” you would note the task as follows: “Pick up the cake from Cake My Day on May 20th at 11am”. To give you an idea of what should be on an Event Planning Checklist we’ve provided an example for you!

Download Sample Event Planning Checklist for Your Business

This is a general guideline for making an Event Planning Checklist. You will need to tailor each checklist to the particular event you’re planning. Although it can be time-consuming to create a specialized checklist, the rewards are many. You’ll have peace of mind because you’ve met all your deadlines, stayed on top of every little detail and didn’t have to scramble at the last minute!

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    Awesome Checklist. Thanks for all your help it very useful for me since am just starting my business in Nairobi,Kenya

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