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DIY Spring Decor for the Budget Event Planner

While the official arrival of spring may still be a few weeks away, we are more than ready for sunshine, flowers, and lovely spring décor! When it comes to planning events throughout the spring, the use of fresh blooms, bright colors, and sweet treats are affordable ways to create beautiful atmospheres—and can be excellent DIY projects!

As you help your clients plan ahead for their events and weddings this spring, we’ve got you covered with some DIY spring event décor ideas that will delight and brighten every event. Plus, they’ll suit all of your budget-friendly clients!

Ceremonial Blooms

One reason that spring is such a popular season for weddings is because of the beautiful, colorful flowers! Fresh flowers lend themselves extremely well to DIY and budget-friendly wedding décor—here are some ideas to put lovely blooms to use at the wedding ceremony:

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Magical Venue

Once the happy couple has tied the knot (surrounded by fresh blooms, of course), it’s time to celebrate! Add these spring-themed, budget-friendly decorations to the reception to increase the magic:

  • Mason Jars and Twinkle Lights: Romance is the name of the game with this DIY idea, as tiny mason jars filled with water and delicate flowers are hung from strings along with lovely twinkle lights. This décor is very easy to employ—find out how!
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    Wedding Card Lantern: Heartfelt wishes from wedding guests are always welcomed by the happy couple. But if they’re written down on cards, they can be kept forever! Turn a lantern into a congratulatory card collection box by placing it in a main area and writing instructions next to it for guests—not only do lanterns evoke memories of spring and summer evenings, they are also inexpensive (or free, as your client may already own one)!
  • Paper Bird Place Cards: The sound of birds
    chirping is a sure fire sign that spring has arrived. Channel this cheery feeling with some paper place cards in the shape of birds. Using colors that match your client’s wedding theme, cut out bird shapes from thick stock paper (we recommend 3.5” x 2.5”) and print or write each guest’s name —add a small slit at the bottom and turn the paper bird into a perched accessory for a wine or champagne glass!

Bright Tablescapes

Whether you’re planning a wedding or other event, bright hues of yellow, blue, pink and green can all be employed to create stunning tablescapes. Here are some budget-friendly ideas to brighten up your clients’ dining experience this spring:

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If your client has a generic table runner, it can be given a DIY spring makeover with some colorful acrylic paint, stencils, and a paint roller.

  • Flower Runner: Why limit the use of fresh flowers to wedding ceremonies when they can be used beautifully to adorn tables? Daisies, orchids, lilies and roses are just some suggestions to make to your client. You can secure them to sturdy netting and build on the volume until they’re happy with the size. The runner can be laid on a table, and will look more natural flowing over the sides.
  • Colorful Candy: Fun favors never go out of style, especially of the brightly colored and sugary variety! Next to each place setting at a wedding or other event, a small jar full of colorful jellybeans can be dressed up with a pretty ribbon for a lovely effect (and treat!) for guests.
  • Lemon Bowl: Lemons are one of the most attractive and freshest fruits available, so fill a vintage bowl with lemons as a table centerpiece. This is both a colorful and inexpensive way to add some zest (no pun intended) to your table décor!

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings, so use these ideas as inspiration for new DIY projects! Head to your local craft store and get creative!

Don’t forget about the centerpieces—read on for our guide to centerpieces for your next spring event!

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