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Which Type of Venue Is Best For Corporate Meetings?

Sarah Hill is a content writer at Seven Events Ltd – a leading event management company and venue finder in London. The company has successfully managed in achieving its goals in creating events that exceed expectations and adding value to their client’s businesses. In her role, her best dive is corporate event ideas and event management tips. You may follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

When looking for an event space it is essential that the event planner can secure the right venue to maximize attendance, one which represents the brand correctly and provides the right facilities. Here, we’re discussing which venues are best for corporate meetings and how venue finding agencies can help you choose the best one.

Venue finding for a corporate meeting is not easy. There are many things to consider before settling on the final choice, including such things as size, budget, on site facilities, service levels – and that’s just to start with! For an event planner this can be a daunting task, especially if one has limited time and resources.

However, that’s where a venue finding agency, such as Seven Events, can be of great use. A venue agency will have a whole team on hand which have extensive knowledge on the venues themselves as well as what works for specific types of events, making sure that each client has great confidence in their venue choice.

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As for the best venues for corporate meetings, here at Seven Events we would recommend the following types:


Hotels are a great option to start with. Many hotels are specifically designed for meetings and conferences, providing large and flexible spaces which can be adapted to suit each event’s specific requirements. They also often come with onsite technical assistance which makes ordering equipment simple, and on the day a technician is normally onsite to ensure everything runs smoothly. However, the greatest advantage of a hotel is that you can have everything happening under one roof, from accommodation to gala dinners, which makes it much easier for event organizers.

Conference Venues

There are also many standalone venues which, again, are specifically set up for meetings and have technical assistance on site – making this nice and easy for the event organiser. There are many different types and styles that are offered so you can select the right option for a specific event. These are often very functional spaces and sometimes lack personality, but where they lack in style they often make up for in affordability. If there is a limited budget, without doubt these venues are a great place to host your corporate meeting.

Educational Venues

If you are on a low budget, another option can be education venues such as universities and colleges. Out of term time, many of these establishments open their doors to corporate meetings to bring in some extra revenue. With a vast variety of classrooms and auditoriums available, these venues provide plenty of options and flexibility to an event planner. In addition, there often extensive outdoor areas which are great for teambuilding, expansive halls ideal for evening functions and even the possibility of using the resident halls for accommodation.

Company meeting at corporate event venue

Unique and Special Venues

Many venues such as museums, historical sites and unique buildings provide facilities for meetings. These venues are popular with attendees as they are often a destination that individuals would like to visit in their free time. If they can do this during business hours it’s seen as a bonus! It can also make for a refreshing change from the standard meeting space, providing exciting energy to your meeting.

There are often many unique add-ons you can choose to offer your guests, from exclusive private views to fun activities and experiences. However, the onsite facilities can vary greatly and there may be restrictions to take into account. But a venue finding agency will be able to provide advice on this and aid event planners in finding all of the suppliers and resources needed to make this event happen within the rules set out by the venue.

Blank Canvas Venues

For those companies who like to be edgy and push the boundaries, the blank canvas venue can be a great option. They provide an environment where planners can really put their own stamp on. These venues can be anything from a slick white studio space to a derelict church or warehouse. When taking on a space like this, the venue agency’s experience and knowledge of the event sector and venue will really come into play.

At each of these venues, their facilities, restrictions and flexibility will vary greatly. Some blank canvas spaces are specifically set up for corporate events but others can simply be an empty shell. A venue finder really needs to take into consideration how much time and resources they have to put into this event to make it viable and successful. For the basic venues with little onsite facilities, venue finding agencies will be able to advise which direction to take and the best suppliers to use.

For event planners, these venues can pose a great challenge – meaning it’s important to have proper training in venue setup and décor.

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