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Cutting Out Cut Flowers with Event Coordinator Training

Fresh cut flowers are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, they can also be extremely unsustainable. The current trend towards greener lifestyles and greener events means that cut flowers might be a big no for some clients. Thankfully, event coordinator training will prepare you for all types of trends and event planning hurdles!

Want to find out more about how to avoid cut flowers at your next event? Keep reading!

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The Venue

What’s the easiest way to get flowers into an event without killing them? Find a venue with flower beds! You can also go to a location with more greenery like a wooded area, a field, or a lush backyard. Finding an outdoor location will add it the bright fresh feel of flowers without buying a bunch of cut blooms. However, this is not an option in many locations or at various times of the year.

Another great option for bringing flowers into your venue is to have potted plants that can adorn a dessert table or a bar cart. And if you need a little more decoration higher up, you can go for hanging baskets. Pairing hanging baskets with other low pots is an excellent way to make sure a space doesn’t feel under-decorated. There’s nothing worse than the fantasy of an event seemingly stopping around waist height. Just be careful not to block guests’ line of sight or having baskets hanging in the way. No one wants to spend their evening with a sore head and an outfit covered in dirt!

Down the Aisle

If you’re planning a wedding, flowers often decorate the aisle. Potted plants or small trees are a great way to kick cut flowers out of a ceremony. Propping up smaller plants on pedestals can bring them into view so that they aren’t missed. They can also be used to hide unsightly elements down the aisle.

Consider purchasing a wire frame to sit at the head of the aisle! Then, use string lights, curtains, and potted plants to create a beautiful, living focal point. This can act as a flowery arch which clients often request at the head of their ceremony.

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Floral Wall

Pop culture has led to a trend for enormous flower walls. These are extremely expensive and wasteful with all those fresh cut blooms. DIY your own potted plant flower wall! Get a shelf or ladder-like structure and place potted plants on the shelves/rungs. Potted ivy or other plants will hang down the side and will and create a flower wall effect. It can be a beautiful backdrop for photos, the ceremony, or another focal element like the head table.

Centerpieces, Placeholders, and Favors

I know, I know. You’re tired of hearing us say to use potted plants. But this time, we’re suggesting multifunctional potted plants!

Potted centerpieces can double as wedding favors, and small potted favors can also double as placeholders. This is especially useful because it means all the beautiful plants you buy for decoration won’t go to waste!

Creating a beautiful centerpiece with potted plants is not much different than doing it with cut flowers. You should choose a vase that is slightly larger than the pot to match the color and theme of the evening. You don’t have to choose a traditional vase. Consider metal buckets, rustic boxes, or gluing rope around the outside of the pot. It all depends on your theme! Although there will most likely be fewer guests than centerpieces, this doesn’t mean you need to keep them all to avoid people feeling left out! You can hold a draw or create a game with centerpieces as the reward.

If you want something else as your main centerpiece (or you want to add even more floral elements into the mix), you can get tiny potted plants and use them as placeholders. Have a small tag with each guest’s name and table number in each plant so they can take them to their place at the table. Then, they can bring them home as party favors!

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Bridal Bouquet

We’re not about to suggest that your bride walk down the aisle holding a 15-pound dirty flower pot that’s going to ruin her dress and prevent her from ever having her hands free. But, there are options to get around having cut flowers as a handpiece. People have become extremely creative with bouquets over the years. From artichokes and oranges to buttons and feathers, there are so many different things that your bride can hold as she walks down the aisle. People have even held puppies instead of flowers! Find out about her personal taste and try to choose something that fits her personality and the theme.

Although potted plants might not be as easy to buy in winter months, they certainly are a great substitute for cut flowers. And if you want to move even further from the cut flower, get creative! Getting rid of what has been considered a key element of events, specifically weddings, is the perfect time to let your imagination run wild. So, remember to consider the offbeat and cut out those cut flowers!

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