How Weed Weddings Will Impact Your Career in Event Planning

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Weed Legalization: The Buzz Regarding Weed Weddings

No matter the side you’re on regarding the legalization of this controversial drug, marijuana is making waves in the event and wedding planning industry. Need proof? We just observed the third annual Colorado Cannabis Wedding Expo earlier this year! We’re not going to enter into scientific and/or policy debates—it’s outside our scope! But we would like to outline what all this means for your career in event planning.

Here’s the truth: weed weddings are here to stay! The inclusion of weed can be as little as making vaporizers available… to as much as decorating with cannabis plant motifs while serving the drug in its various forms.

If this all sounds a little crazy to you, not to worry! Its inclusion in celebrations is relatively recent. It’s not too late for you to do some research and prepare yourself for your potential cannabis clients! Read on to find out what the fuss is all about!

Why are weed weddings becoming popular?

In many regions, cannabis use is becoming decriminalized and regulated just like alcohol. With it’s widespread medical and recreational use, it’s a part of many couples’ lives. It makes sense that some couples want to involve their plant-of-choice when tying the knot.

How Weed Weddings Will Impact Your Career in Event Planning

Clients who want to include weed in the festivities are likely regular users of hemp and/or cannabis or work in the cannabis industry. If weed is an integral part of their daily lives, they’ll also want to ensure that it has a place in their nuptial celebrations, especially if it’s legal. However, you won’t likely encounter clients who want to include marijuana in their reception or ceremony if they are only occasional consumers of marijuana.

Hosting a cannabis bar is growing in popularity with those who don’t drink alcohol—in states where weed is legal for recreational use, of course! Open or subsidized bars are staple vendors! People have come to expect alcohol at weddings. However, now there’s an alternative for those subject to particular life situations or health reasons. Not to mention those who don’t drink out of personal preference! Couples can have a “bud” bar instead of a traditional bar—often at a fraction of the cost.

Using weed to enhance the special day:

You can help your clients go big or small with how they incorporate cannabis on their big day. There are couples who set up an outdoor bar for users and others who go out all. From hemp bridal wear to cannabis-infused cocktails to “bud” decorated boutonnieres!


The trick to using weed to enhance the special day instead of overshadowing the event is how it’s executed. Don’t allow the focus of the event to shift away from the newlyweds. When it becomes more of a celebration of cannabis instead of the union of two people, it can make those who don’t enjoy the recreational use of marijuana uncomfortable. Guests should always know that they can freely choose to not consume any weed. Ensuring that the celebrations center on the couple (instead of the weed) will also help ease anxieties of those who choose not to partake.


Cannabis indica strains are known to be sleep inducers. Remember the point of a wedding celebration. It’s meant to be a joyous occasion, so weed at weddings should be mood enhancers. Our advice? Go for low THC potency strains. Anything too heavy will make all the hours of hard work poring over wedding details obsolete. Your clients probably don’t want to see guests falling asleep before any of the toasts are made!

How Weed Weddings Will Impact Your Career in Event Planning

Additionally, if the catering company is infusing foods with THC, ensure there are other cannabis-free options. Work with experienced cannabis caterers to provide a variety of options. And provide a trusted “budtender”. Just as there are bartenders who gauge the inebriation of drinkers, so too are there “budtenders” who can educate about dosages, make recommendations, and keep people safe. Tracking dosage is incredibly important as you never know who may be partaking in recreational use for the first time!

Finding weed-friendly vendors:

You need to consult your vendors. Your clients and their guests could have no problem at all with the inclusion of marijuana at the event; however, they won’t be the only people there.

Know that not every vendor (or their employees) will be open to accommodating recreational drug use. Vendors may want to participate in a marijuana-friendly event but may not want it to decrease favor with other clients. And that’s okay. In states where this is legal, business owners are likely more open to this trend, but it’s always up to the vendor’s discretion.

Searching for cannabis-friendly vendors gets easier. Luckily, you always want to be building a strong preferred vendors list. So don’t see it as a setback for taking weed-friendly clients! But if things don’t work out with your vendors of choice, thank them for their time. You may need to work with your clients to find alternative vendors and venues, but don’t burn any bridges!

What to keep in mind when organizing a weed wedding!

Ensuring everyone is accommodated and that everyone is having a great time is your job! As with events that serve alcohol, many of the same precautions should be in place. Here are just a few things to think about!

How Weed Weddings Will Impact Your Career in Event Planning

Did we miss any other considerations? Let us know and we’ll add them to the list!

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