Planning Tips

Check out a few of the amazing and unique places you can use for your next event!
Virtual events have come a long way. Live streaming and VR equipment are commonplace. With the virtual world having a big come up, here's how to handle virtual attendance with your event planning certification!
Food is one of the most memorable aspects of an event. Not every event planner will get it right, but when it goes wrong, it goes really wrong!
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Planning run-of-the-mill events aren't what make you top dog in your local event industry. Find out how to customize your events with party planning courses!
Movies are great! But unfortunately they also don't portray wedding planning very accurately! Check out how wedding planning is different from the movies!
Summer is a great time to improve your party planning skills. Use that extra daylight to your advantage and master those tablescapes with party planner classes!
Watch QC tutor and alumnus, Athena DeVonne as she provides you with all the information you need to start a successful career in the event planning industry.