Wedding Planning Tips

Be prepared for the worst! Discover all the mishaps that could possibly occur on the bride's big day and learn how to manage them. As a wedding planner pleasing your client is your biggest priority!
Sitting still through a two-hour wedding ceremony is a challenge for any adult. But it’s even more difficult for children, even when they’re on their best behavior!
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Summer weddings are beautiful, but the hot weather can cause a lot of challenges. Read this guide and discover how to be a supportive maid of honor in even the most challenging scenarios.
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When it comes to getting hitched, more and more couples are looking for something less traditional. As a wedding planner, it's your job to make sure their dreams come true. Learn about what to expect when working with the modern couple and how you can make their special day unforgettable!
Wedding color schemes don't have to be boring!
Luxury weddings - just when we think we've caught up, the rich and famous surprise us again! Here is our guide to the most outrageous luxury wedding trends.